Armenian Apostolic Church

Will Armenia give up its ultra-nationalist and ultra-religious ideology?

In accordance with prominent multicultural scholars, multiculturalism represents ethnic and cultural diversity where people from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds or traditions interact freely and engage in social activities leading to a strong social bond. However, it doesn't mean that those people have to lose their cultural values, beliefs and norms for the sake of interacting or living with other people in a social system

“Vardavar” to be celebrated in Armenia tomorrow

The Armenian Church will mark the day of Christ’s Transfiguration – Vardavar on July 8, which is one of the five cardinal feasts of the Armenian Apostolic Church the history of which comes from pagan times, …

Church of Georgian-Armenian discord

Local Armenians broke into the courtyard of the nearly destroyed 10th century church, trying to prevent the employees of Georgia's Ministry of Culture from starting restoration work

Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Easter

Today on March 27th the Armenian Apostolic Church (AAC) celebrates the feast of Easter (Holy Resurrection). Easter is the feast of purification, alienation, abandonment of sins and return to God. Both in the Old and the New Testament Easter is …