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What Armenian lobbyists ask for money for

American congressmen, lobbying for the interests of Armenia, dumbfounded American taxpayers with another initiative coming from the Armenian lobby. The bill presented by Congressmen Frank Pallone, Jackie Speyer and Adam Schiff contains a proposal …

Armenia to join U.S. military exercises in Europe

Armenia's Armed Forces will take part in the large-scale U.S.-Army led DEFENDER-Europe 21 military exercises, which will be held in spring-summer, according to the United States Army Europe and Africa official homepage. Georgia will …

Armenia decides to save money on army

After the defeat of the Armenian army in the Second Karabakh War amid a severe economic crisis, the Armenian authorities are thinking about cutting the military budget. The relevant discussions are being held both in the government and in the …

Onik Gasparyan admits his resignation

Former head of the General Staff of Armenia's Armed Forces Onik Gasparyan addressed an appeal to the citizens of the country in connection with his resignation. He recalled that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's statement on …

Pashinyan against generals: reasons for the conflict

Political unrest continues in Armenia. Another reason for them was the dismissal from the post of First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Tiran Khachatrian, who sharply criticized the statement …

Pashinyan urges military to stop coup attempts

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan ordered the military to "address their business" and defend the country’s borders. He gave the order at a rally in his support at the Republic Square. "I order all …

Kremlin voices concern over political crisis in Armenia

The Kremlin said on Thursday it was concerned by growing political tensions in Armenia after the army demanded Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan resign in a move Pashinyan said looked like an attempted coup. Speaking to reporters on a …

Armenian stand shocked IDEX-2021 visitors (PHOTOS)

A "comparative" photo that depicts the pavilions of Azerbaijan and Armenia at the largest military-technical salon IDEX-2021 in Abu Dhabi became viral in the Internet. According to the Ministry of Defense Industry of the …