Armenian diaspora

Armenian diaspora attacks Azerbaijanis in Los Angeles

The representatives of Armenian diaspora living in Los Angeles surrounded the building of Azerbaijan's Consulate General and held an action with aggressive and provocative anti-Azerbaijani slogans on July 21, according to the Consulate …

How Armenian political elite seeks money abroad

Foreign trips of the Armenian political elite are most often aimed at attracting financial resources to the unattractive economy of Armenia, which is hampered not only by the semi-blockade position of the republic, but also by the lack of …

Middle Eastern Armenians opposes Pashinyan's decision

Iraqi Armenians, Syrian Armenians and other Armenian repatriates who have settled in Armenia are staging a protest outside the Ministry of Diaspora in central Yerevan. They have written a letter against the decision to dissolve the …

Man killed outside Armenian restaurant in California

One man died and another was wounded when a gunman opened fire outside an Armenian restaurant 'Ararat' in Glendale, the U.S. Police are trying to determine the identity of the person who died, and the motives for this …

Fourth president of Armenia: Elections without options

Now Armenia has a new president. Not hundreds of thousands, but 90 people voted for him. There's an opinion that he will remain president of these 90 people, since public reaction to these elections without alternative was pretty mild. Most …