Armenian parliament

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Armenian parliament passes several bills

A meeting of the National Assembly of Armenia is taking place in Yerevan on Tuesday, reports. During the meeting, MPs in the first reading passed a number of bills. Among them: ratification of the convention On Avoiding Double …

Armenian parliament restricts gambling commercials

Armenia's National Assembly gave its final approval to the legislative changes implying restrictions for gambling commercials.  Now drawings are allowed to be aired on a TV or radio channels as well as in internet, including …

Will Dashnaks topple Pashinyan?

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Dashnaktsutyun political party plans to initiate a no-confidence vote against the Armenian government, the Hraparak newspaper reported citing informed sources in the party. According to …

Armenian passports remain in force until 2021

Armenia's Parliament passed amendments today to the law on identification cards and the law on the citizen’s passport.  Armenian Deputy Police Chief Hovhannes Kocharyan said that the amendments propose to …

Armenia parliament liquidates key ministries

The Armenian Parliament approved today in the first reading the package of bills on making amendments to the law on the structure of the country’s government - the number of ministries will be cut from 17 to 12. A total of 71 MPs …

Fire breaks out at Armenia's Parliament building

A fire broke out in the office of the Armenian Parliament building today at 1:38 pm, according to the press service of the republic's Ministry of Emergency Situations. Six fire brigades left for the scene. The fire was …

Two Armenian provinces left without governors

The Armenian government dismissed two provincial governors at today's meeting. Vhe Galumyan was dismissed as governor of Tavush province and Karen Sarukhanyan - as governor of Shirak province, …

Armenian parliament to have commission on EEU issues

The number of standing parliamentary committees in Armenia’s National Assembly will increase from nine to eleven, an MP from My Step faction Vladimir Vardanyan said. According to the MP, one of the new committees …

New Armenian parliament's vice-speakers elected

The Armenian National Assembly elected three vice-speakers today - Lena Nazaryan, Alen Simonyan and Vahe Enfiajyan. Alen Simonyan became vice-speaker from My Step ruling party – 109 MPs cast their …