Artur Vanetsyan

Arthur Vanetsyan facing charges on conspiracy to murder

Former director of the National Security Service of Armenia Artur Vanetsyan, who is charged with preparing the assassination of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, has been charged under two articles of the criminal code, the lawyer of …

Arthur Vanetsyan calls Nikol Pashinyan pseudo savior

Today, at the founding congress of the Hayrenik party,  a rogue politician, former head of the National Security Council of Armenia, Arthur Vanetsyan called the current Armenian authorities led by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan …

Abrahamyan’s weapons used during March 2008 events

According to preliminary operative data, the weapons and ammunition that were found at the former mechanic-repair plant belonging to Armenian ex-prime minister Hovik Abrahamyan, were used during the events that occurred in …

Secret Armenian documents to be less in Facebook

The head of the National Security Service of Armenia, Artur Vanetsyan, promised to significantly limit the activity of official representatives of the Armenian authorities in the social networks, especially Facebook, whose live broadcasts became …