Iranians prefer to celebrate Novruz in Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijan Tourism Association (AzTa) has summarized the results of spring holiday Novruz, which was held during the last decade week of March, AzTa head Nahid Bagirov said, adding that 17,000 Iranian tourists come to …

 Azerbaijan already numbers 900 travel agencies

The Azerbaijan Tourism Association (AzTa) is concerned about the situation in the domestic tourism market. AzTa head Nahid Bagirov has stated that before liquidation of tourism licensing Azerbaijan numbered about 300 travel …

Azerbaijan introduces tourist guide certification

The Ministry of Culture & Tourism of Azerbaijan has discussed the issue of introduction of regulation and improvement of the professionalism of tourist guides, reports. The Ministry informs that the discussion also involved …

Azerbaijan and Tyumen to cooperate in tourism

Azerbaijan and Russia's Tyumen region have signed a memorandum on development of bilateral relationships in the sphere of tourism for the next three years. The document was signed by the Azerbaijan Tourism Association (AzTA) and the …