Azerbaijani Energy Ministry

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Azerbaijan ready to extend oil output cut deal

Azerbaijani Energy Minister Natig Aliyev will attend the OPEC's meeting on May 24-25 in Vienna, the spokesperson for the Azerbaijani energy ministry, Zamina Aliyeva, said. Azerbaijan is ready to …

Azerbaijan ready to extend output cut deal

Azerbaijan is ready to make deeper cuts in oil output if OPEC agrees to extend a deal on output cuts into the second half of this year, Azerbaijan's energy ministry spokeswoman Zamina Aliyeva said. "Azerbaijan …

Azerbaijan confirms oil production cuts

The oil output forecast for Azerbaijan for 2017 shows plans to reduce oil production by 35,000-42,000 barrels a day compared to current level; such plans are in …

 Azerbaijan to be the first to "freeze" oil

Azerbaijan will declare that it will not increase its oil production and exports at the meeting of OPEC member countries in Vienna on October 29, the Energy Minister of the Republic Natig Aliyev said. "We are …

Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to lay new oil pipeline

Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are planning to lay new Eskene-Kuryk-Baku oil pipeline with a length of 739 kilometers, Azerbaijani Energy Minister Natig Aliyev said. He noted that Kazakhstan has huge proven reserves of …

Azerbaijan starts to export electricity to Turkey

Azerbaijan is starting to supply electricity to Turkey through Georgian territory, the Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan reported. "Starting from February 7th, the transfer of about 80 megawatts of electricity per day from …