Azerbaijani army

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Two friends meet after Karabakh war

The servicemen of the armed forces of Azerbaijan, who participated in the Second Karabakh war, met after the end of hostilities. The video posted on the Internet shows that both soldiers were seriously injured during the battles for the …

Armenia must withdraw its troops from Azerbaijan

After the signing of the trilateral Russia-Azerbaijan-Armenia statement, Armenian servicemen illegally remaining on Azerbaijani territory organized already four attacks on Azerbaijani soldiers and civilians - on November 26, December 8, 11 and …

Azerbaijan discloses list of second Karabakh war martyrs

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry has presented the photos, names, surnames, information about military ranks, and date of birth of 2,823 servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who died as martyrs in the second …

Mighty Azerbaijani special forces servicemen (VIDEO)

A video with Azerbaijani special forces servicemen is becoming viral in the Azerbaijani segment of social networks. The video was shot in the barracks. One soldier stands on a chair and holds an object in his outstretched hand. The …

Mother of martyr: "Aren't you cold, son?" (VIDEO)

The mother of martyr Vugar Najafov, who died for the liberation of the Azerbaijani lands from the Armenian occupation and buried in the Martyrs' Alley in Baku, visits the grave of her son so that he would not be lonely. The relevant video is …