Beşiktaş eliminated from Turkish Cup

Turkey's defending league champion Beşiktaş was eliminated from the Ziraat Turkish Cup on May 5 after the team refused show up for the resumption of an interrupted semifinal against city rival Fenerbahçe in protest at Turkey’s …

 Cat gets Besiktas in trouble with UEFA

Turkish soccer club Besiktas ended up in trouble with European soccer’s governing body, UEFA, after a cat sneaked on to the pitch during their Champions League match against Bayern Munich. Besiktas have been charged by Uefa after …

Beşiktaş fans blame Arda Turan for being racist

A Beşiktaş fan group has sent a letter to Barcelona club about its player Arda Turan, who supported a “yes” campaign prior to a referendum in which people will vote constitutional amendment draft that proposes …

Twin Istanbul blasts kill at least 38

At least 38 people, most of them police officers, were killed, and over 150 people injured in two separate blasts that targeted Turkish security forces in the vicinity of Besiktas stadium in Istanbul. Thirty police officers, seven …