Turkey’s Bingol hit by 4.2-magnitude earthquake

An earthquake with a 4.2 magnitude occurred in Turkey’s Bingol province this morning at 05:09 (GMT+3), according to the Turkish media. The epicenter was at a depth of 12.7 kilometers. No information about the victims was …

Major terrorist attack prevented in eastern Turkey

A major terrorist attack was prevented in the eastern Turkish province of Bingol during a special operation conducted by local law enforcement, the local police said. According to the message, 600 kilograms of explosives were found …

1 police martyred in PKK attack in eastern Turkey

One police officer was martyred and 10 people were wounded in a PKK terrorist attack late Saturday in the eastern Bingol province, security sources said, Anadolu Agency reports. PKK terrorists detonated a bomb-laden vehicle as a …

Earthquake occurs in eastern Turkey

Yesterday evening, earthquake occurred in the eastern Turkish province Bingol. The tremors were recorded at 21:57. Their magnitude was 4.5. The earthquake occured at the depth of 6.9 km. …

Turkish Kigi hit by 4.5 magnitude quake

An earthquake measuring 4.5 points jolted the Turkish city of Kigi, located in the province of Bingol, on December 9 at 01:00 local time. The center of the earthquake was located at a depth of 6.68 km. No data about victims or …