Black Sea

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Russia closes three parts of Black Sea to foreign ships

The Russian authorities announced the closure of three regions of the Black Sea to foreign warships and state vessels, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukrinform reports citing RBC.  The restrictions affect the western …

U.S. cancels warships deployment to Black Sea

The United States has cancelled the planned deployment of two warships through the Turkish Straits toward the Black Sea, Turkish diplomatic sources said Wednesday. On April 9, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry received a formal notice …

Black Sea connectivity and the South Caucasus

Regional actors need to work together to make the most of the potential for greater trade connectivity between Europe and wider Central Asia via the Black Sea and the South Caucasus. The United States and European Union must support them. As …

NATO maritime fleet in drills with Georgian Coast Guard

The Standing NATO Maritime Group 2, an immediate reaction force of the alliance, is in Georgia's territorial waters for drills with the Georgian Coast Guard service. Hosted by their Georgian colleagues, four vessels of the SNMG2 …

Turkey to invest nearly $100 mln in gas facility in Black Sea

Turkey will invest 780 million Turkish liras (around $111 million) to build a subsea gas production facility, and a 155-kilometer-long pipeline connecting to a new onshore gas processing facility in Filyos, in the Zonguldak province along Turkey’s western Black Sea coast, according to an environmental impact assessment application report for this three-phased integrated project

US Navy tests to the limit Russian Black Sea Fleet

Despite repeated warnings, the US Navy Donald Cook destroyer, armed with cruise missiles, once again entered the Black Sea waters today, the Russian Defense Ministry's National Defense Control Center informed. "The forces and …

What hinders China in the South Caucasus

As the Second Karabakh War ended, all regional players’ interests were scrutinized in detail. One power, however, China, was largely absent from the analysis. Official rhetoric from Beijing indicates the continuation of China’s non-intervention policy in the region

Tornado warning issued for Sochi

Today, residents and guests of Sochi were warned about the threat of tornadoes over the Black Sea from Magri to Vesely, the Krasnodar Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring informed. The press service of the Main …

Turkey reportedly discovers energy in Black Sea

Turkey has discovered energy in the Black Sea, most likely natural gas, two people with direct knowledge of the matter said Wednesday, but gave no indication of the size and depth of the find, nor how difficult it will be to extract. …