UK civil servants banned from saying 'Brexit'

Civil servants have been told to stop saying 'Brexit' and to refer to the UK's departure from the European Union using the date of '31 December 2020,' Daily Mail reported.  A 'style guide' …

Army on standby to stock Britain's shelves

The British army is on standby to cope with Britain's food shortages caused by a lack of qualified truck drivers which has left many supermarket shelves bare in recent weeks.  Some 2,000 HGV drivers from the Royal Logistics …

EU formally signs post-Brexit trade deal with UK

The European Union’s top officials formally signed the long fought-over post-Brexit trade deal with the United Kingdom on Wednesday. European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen and European Council president Charles …

Marvel’s next superhero idea focuses on Brexit

Marvel Comics is launching a new team of superheroes representing England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.  Their mission is to see if they can get along peaceably after Britain’s exit from the European Union, English …

Brexit day: UK finally leaves the European Union

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed in a pre-recorded video address that the British government would use all the authority it has to make the United Kingdom a more equal and dynamic place after Brexit, Sputnik reports. On 31 Friday …