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Police remove barricades at Turkish-Bulgarian border

Amid growing tension between Sofia and Ankara, Bulgarian police on Friday removed barricades protesters had erected at at least two border crossings with Turkey, Deutsche Welle reports. Bulgarian nationalists had attempted to …

Bulgarian nationalists block Turkish border crossings

Bulgarian nationalists blocked for several hours Friday the three main crossing points with Turkey to prevent coaches bringing in thousands of Turks with Bulgarian passports to vote in Sunday's elections, organisers said, Yahoo News …

Russia has no plans to build Turkish Stream blindly

Russia has no plans to begin construction of the second line of the Turkish stream in Europe without any guarantee and approval from the European Commission. "Of course, no one will build it blindly, because it is associated with …

Rumen Radev elected Bulgarian president

The former Bulgarian air force chief of staff, Rumen Radev, won close to 60% of ballots in Bulgaria's presidential election on Sunday The 53-year-old beat the personal nominee of centre-right Prime …

NATO seeks troops to deter Russia on eastern flank

NATO will press allies to contribute to its biggest military build-up on Russia's borders since the Cold War as the alliance prepares for a protracted quarrel with Moscow, Reuters reports. With Russia's aircraft carrier heading …

Russia ready for construction of Turkish Stream

Russia’s gas transportation infrastructure for gas supply to the marine gas pipeline is ready, the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller said at the meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the intergovernmental agreement, Russia will construct two pipes under the Black Sea to Turkey with capacity totaling 31.5 billion cubic meters of gas, pursuant to the intergovernmental agreement. "According to the schedule, both pipes will be ready by end-2019," he said.

 Bulgaria 'hands over  seven alleged Gülenists' to Turkey

Seven people with suspected links to the movement of US-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, who is believed to have orchestrated Turkey’s July 15 coup attempt, were captured in the back of a truck while they were trying to flee …

65 illegal immigrants detained in Bulgaria

Bulgarian border police detained 65 illegal immigrants traveling in a train coming from Turkey at the country's Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement. The guards spotted those hidden into a car of …

New EU border guard launched at Bulgarian-Turkish border

The European Union launched its common border guard on Thursday, hoping it will help keep people away from a bloc that is still struggling with political aftershocks from an uncontrolled influx of refugees and migrants last year. …