Forest fire protection exercises to be held in Dagestan

Exercises for the prevention of forest fires will be held in 22 forest districts of Dagestan until the end of April. They will be attended by more than 300 people: employees, representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, …

Mayor of Buynaksk resigns

Today Buynaksk Mayor Huseyin Gamzatov put in an application for resignation. Elections  for the position are to take place soon. Recall that Hussein Gamzatov Buynaksk was mayor from 2004 up to 2015. In September he …

Has a new clean-out started in Dagestan?

The authorities of Dagestan have confirmed the detention of some civil servants in Makhachkala and Buynaksk, the press service of the Dagestani government said. "The head of the Republic of Dagestan is informed about the …