More than 20,000  COVID-19 cases detected in Russia

The number of confirmed COVID-19 infections in Russia over the past 24 hours has increased by 20,582, a record high nationwide since the beginning of the pandemic. The total number of the infections has reached 1,733,440, the anti-coronavirus …

Armenia’s coronavirus case tally exceeds 100,000

Coronavirus cases in Armenia grew by 2,210 in the past twenty-four hours and reached 101,773, Armenia’s Health Ministry reported on Friday. "In the past twenty-four hours, 2,210 cases of COVID-19 were identified. To …

Europe on lockdown

Countries across the continent weighing-up strong restrictions to stem rising infections. Analysis by the British government’s advisers found the second wave of Covid-19 may cost more lives than the first, The Week writes in the article  Where in Europe is heading for a second lockdown - and will the UK follow? 

Armenia loses war against COVID-19

Coronavirus cases in Armenia grew by a record high number of 2,306 in the past twenty-four hours to 70,836, the republic’s Health Ministry reported on Thursday. "In the past twenty-four hours, 2,306 coronavirus cases were …