Caspian Sea

Geoeconomics Of The Caspian Sea Region – Analysis

The Caspian Sea region consists of countries with complex economic and political relations. The region is replete with natural resources which mainly determine the economic health of the countries located near the Caspian Sea. The sea is …

Mud volcano causes explosion in the Caspian Sea

A mud volcano has erupted near an oil platform off the coast of Azerbaijan, causing a large fireball which was visible across the region, officials say. The incident happened at 9:30 p.m. local time on Sunday when a large explosion …

Iran begins drill in Caspian Sea

The Iranian armed forces have launched a large-scale military exercise in an area of the Caspian Sea of around 77,000 square km, testing naval and airborne units as well as electronic warfare systems. On Wednesday morning, the naval and …

New Inland Service Connecting Turkey And Central Asia

A new container and breakbulk shipping line from Marmara to the Caspian Sea, via the Russian inland waterways, saw the completion of its trial voyage at the end of last month, connecting Turkey to the strategically-important region of Central …

Geopolitical competition in Caspian region about more than gas and oil

Geopolitical competition in the Caspian Sea region over oil and natural gas fields, pipelines carrying these hydrocarbons across that body of water, and security measures intended to protect both have attracted the bulk of the attention of the littoral states as well as outside powers in recent years. But intensifying competition in the Caspian over other issues also deserves attention. Three of these many other forms of rivalry have assumed new prominence in the past several weeks, The Jamestown Foundation writes