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Caucasus covered with snow

During Christmas holidays both the northern and southern Caucasus, as well as south of Russia were at the mercy of the elements: abnormal frosts and snowfall impede the people of Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan to …

Caucasian Reserve opens winter season with new routes

The opening of the winter season in the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve on the threshold of New Year was marked by the opening of four new eco-tourist destinations, developed by specialists of tourism. Three of the new routes are the …

Mayor of Feodosia suspected of taking large bribes

The head of administration of Crimean Theodosia, Dmitry Schepetkov, and his deputy Makar Makarov have became persons involved in a criminal case against them by the Investigative Committee of Russia, suspecting them …

Yekaterina Lakhova: Women bring harmony into power

‘‘Women should be represented in the government, because their social experience helps men, who occupy leadership positions more often in Russia, make good decisions. Harmony can be archived only by a …

Drug haunt caught in Derbent

Dagestani Federal Drug Control Service officers have stopped the activity of an opium shooting galleries in Derbent, a representative of the press-service Shamil Saybulaev said.  …