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EU–Turkey summit to try to save Schengen

The EU - Turkey summit, which will focus on stemming the flow of migrants to Europe, will be held in Brussels today. EU leaders will discuss an action plan to stop the migrant flow to Europe through the territory of Turkey with its Prime …

What does the UK need from the EU?

The editor-in-chief of the magazine Politics First, Marcus Papadopoulos, spoke about the prospects of relations between Britain and the European Union, as well as about what can happen if the country decides to withdraw from the EU. A European …

Putin congratulates leaders on New Year

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated world leaders with a Merry Christmas and wished a Happy New Year. According to the congratulatory message to US President Barack Obama, last year confirmed that …

 Putin among top 10 world leaders

According to a survey conducted by WIN/Gallup International in 65 countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been rated 8th on the list of world leaders with the highest approval ratings (33% view him favorably). US President Barack Obama took first …

UK:  it could take two years to destroy Daesh

UK Cabinet ministers said after the first bombing raids in Syria that it may take as long as two years to destroy Daesh. According to them, a military breakthrough will require diplomatic agreement on the formation of a new transitional …

Putin and Cameron may meet at G20 summit

The Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has informed that Putin might meet with British Prime Minister David Cameron at the G20 summit, which is to be held in Turkey on November 15-16th. …