Azerbaijan may become link between Turkey and China

Ankara appears to be reconsidering its previous feeble attempts at staking a place on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Eurasainet writes.  In 2015, Turkey proposed itself as the starting point for a "Middle Corridor" – stretching through the Caucasus and Central Asia – on the BRI, calling it the fastest route between China and Europe. Turkey worked with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to facilitate trans-Caspian Sea routes and opened the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway across the Caucasus in 2017

New era of Caspian oil begins

The Memorandum of Understanding between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan on joint exploration, development of hydrocarbon resources of the Dostlug field in the Caspian Sea has begun a new era in the history of the development of hydrocarbon deposits …