Russian officer dies in Yerevan

A probable cause of death of the Russian Major, whose body was found in a hostel in Yerevan, can be a heart failure. At the moment, the criminal proceedings have been instituted on account of the serviceman’s death, the press service of the …

Opposition rally in Armenia

In the capital of Armenia the opposition once again begins to rally in support of the people, who seized the police building in Erebuni. We know that people are gathering not away from the police …

Erebuni base receives four MiG-29 fighters

The Russian Erebuni Air Force Base received four MiG-29 fighters of the fourth generation and an Mi-8 transport helicopter, the Southern Military District's press service said. The aircraft have been transported to a military …

Erebuni air base gets first military helicopters

Seven of Russia’s Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters and Mi-8MT Hip transport helicopters have been deployed to the Russian Erebuni air base in Armenia, the pres service of the Southern Military District said. Another consignment of …