'Locust swarm' forces Ethiopian airliner to divert

An Ethiopian airliner was diverted to Addis Ababa Airport after colliding with a swarm of locust midair. The plane, Boeing 737-700, registration ET-ALN performing flight ET-363 was flying from Djibouti to Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, The …

Former Ethiopian president Negasso Gidada dies

Former Ethiopian president Negasso Gidada has died in Germany where he was undergoing medical treatment for an unspecified illness, reported citing Al Arabiya. Negasso, who was 75, was president between 1995 and …

Iran closes its airspace to Boeing 737 MAX

Iran has closed its airspace to Boeing 737 Max aircraft alongside other nations following two fatal crashes in five months involving that type of plane. "A ban on the passage of the Boeing Max aircraft through …

 Ethiopian Airlines Boeing's black boxes recovered

Investigators had recovered two black boxes from the crash site of the Boeing passenger jet, near the country's capital, Ethiopian state TV reported. The jet crashed just a few minutes after take-off on 10 March, killing all …

 Two Sberbank employees killed in Ethiopia plane crash

Two Sberbank employees were among the 157 people killed in an Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday, Sberbank confirmed. "Yekaterina and Alexander Polyakovy went on vacation to Africa, which was so tragically cut short," RIA …

Ethiopian Airlines: 'No survivors' on crashed Boeing 737

An Ethiopian Airlines jet has crashed shortly after take-off from Addis Ababa, killing all on board, BCC reports citing the Ethiopian Airlines company. It said 149 passengers and eight crew members were believed to be on flight …