Russia refuses to place Eurobonds

Russia's Finance Ministry sees no particular need to issue Eurobonds this year, Deputy Russian Finance Minister Sergei Storchak said. The Finance Ministry plans to focus on the domestic debt market, he noted, describing …

Russia borrows record amount in the West

Global Head of Debt Capital Markets at VTB Capital Andrey Solovyev said investors from the United Kingdom, the United States and Russia were the main buyers of dollar-denominated and euro-denominated Russian Eurobonds. …

Will Russia issue Eurobonds in euros once again?

Russia's Finance Ministry is planning its first euro-denominated bond in half a decade as Moscow strives to reduce dependence on the U.S. dollar. The Eurobond settlement date is scheduled for December 4, 2018, the bond's …

Russia may place $3 bln in Eurobonds in spring

Russia may place $3 billion worth of Eurobonds this spring in a single issue, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told reporters on Wednesday, Reuters reported. Siluanov said the government had decided not to use additional …

 Russia plans to issue Eurobonds of at least $3bln

The Russian Finance Ministry plans to issue Eurobonds worth at least $3 billion in 2017, the Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak said. "Clearly, we would not issue less than $3 billion, at least those …

US reminds about risks of placing Russian Eurobonds

The United States resolutely insists that US companies are exposed to economic and "reputational" risks in doing business with Russia as long as Ukraine-related sanctions remain in place, US State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner …