European Union

Coronavirus is death of Schengen?

French President Emmanuel Macron warned European Union leaders the crisis risked undoing the bloc's central pillars - for example, the no-border zone codified in the Schengen Agreement - if they did not solidarity.  …

EU leaders to hold video conference on coronavirus

European Union leaders will hold another video conference on March 26 to discuss the impact of the novel coronavirus, a top official said. "We will continue to act decisively to developments as they unfold and fight this …

World’s richest shed more than $78 billion

As the Dow Jones suffered its worst decline since 1987 and coronavirus fears caused markets to slide around the globe, the world’s twenty richest people lost just over $78 billion combined in a single day, …

 Is France starting to support Haftar?

Last Monday, the French government hosted Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar on a brief, unannounced, visit to Paris. Accompanied by his top political advisor, my ex-academic colleague turned politician Fadel Ed-Deep, he met President …