Federal Migration Service of Russia (FMS)

 In Sochi tourists can be registered with FMS

The minister of resorts and tourism of Krasnodar Territory, Yevgeny Kudelya, in a speech at a meeting about domestic tourism in Sochi proposed obliging the owners of small hotels and guest houses to register guests with the …

FMS tightens control over foreign visitors to Russia

The FMS of Russia has tightened control over foreigners who arrive in the Russian Federation, in connection with the increase of terrorist activities in the world. This statement was made by the head of the department Konstantin …

55 illegal migrants detained in Moscow

55 foreigners workint without documents have been detained by the Moscow Federal Migration Service during the inspection of a laundry in the north of Moscow. ‘‘During the inspection

Vladimir Volokh on changes to the migration law

During a round table conference on the theme "Migration processes in Russia in the first half of 2015," chairman of the Public Council under the Federal Migration Service of Russia Vladimir Voloh, professor at the State University of …