French government resigns

French government, led by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, resigned, the Elysee Palace announced Friday. "Today, Edouard Philippe filed his resignation to President Emmanuel Macron, which he accepted," the announcement …

U.N. Security Council backs call for coronavirus truce

The U.N. Security Council finally backed U.N. chief Antonio Guterres’ March 23 call for a global truce amid the coronavirus pandemic, adopting a resolution after months of talks to win a compromise between the United States and China. …

Turkey accuses 4 people of spying for France

Turkey has arrested four spies working on behalf of France, Daily Sabah reported. According to the investigation by the journalists, the four suspects were collecting information about the inner workings of conservative …

French nuclear submarine on fire

Fire broke out onboard a nuclear submarine docked at the Mediterranean port of Toulon on Friday and was still raging but under control by afternoon, local officials said, Reuters informs. Nobody was hurt and no nuclear materials or …

Iran to send Ukraine airliner black boxes to France

Iran told the U.N.’s aviation agency that it would send black boxes from a downed Ukrainian jetliner to Paris for analysis, once countries involved in the investigation agree, two sources familiar with the matter said. The …