Gagik Tsarukyan

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Hrachya Rostomyan joins protests in Armenia

Armenia's acting minister of sport and youth affairs Hrachya Rostomyan has resigned due to the decision of the Prosperous Party to join the protest against the ruling Republican Party of Armenia. In …

Fourth president of Armenia: Elections without options

Now Armenia has a new president. Not hundreds of thousands, but 90 people voted for him. There's an opinion that he will remain president of these 90 people, since public reaction to these elections without alternative was pretty mild. Most …

Chairman of Armenian Control Chamber resigns

Chairman of the Control Chamber of Armenia Ishkhan Zakaryan has addressed speaker of the National Assembly Galust Sahakyan for resignation, the Deputy speaker of the National Assembly, Hermine …

Gagik Tsarukyan returns to politics

Opposition Prosperous Armenia Party former leader and businessman Gagik Tsarukyan is returning to active politics, according to his today's statement. "Considering the internal and external challenges facing …