General Staff of Turkey

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Turkish Chief of Staff  testifies

Turkish Chief of Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar said that the putschists tried to force him to speak to Turkish opposition cleric Fethullah Gulen, who Ankara suspects of being behind the recent coup attempt. …

 Turkish General Staff excludes possibility of coup

The Turkish General Staff pledged its commitment to the Constitution and ruled out the possibility of any illegal actions in relation to the government.  "The army is fighting against terrorism inside the country and abroad in …

Turkish Air Forces attack Iraq's north

The Turkish Air Forces attacked bases of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party on the territory of northern Iraq. It is reported that airstrikes were carried out on the Qandil and Zakho PKK bases. The Turkish General Staff said that more than …

Turkey’s military left without New Year celebrations

The General Staff of Turkish Armed Forces has cancelled New Year celebrations in all military units, Turkish media report. The celebrations were cancelled due to the serious losses of Turkish army during the clashes with the Kurdistan …

Counterterrorist operation prompts Turks to join army

Against the background of the recent terrorist attacks in the country and the operations carried out by Turkish Armed Forces against the PKK and IS, many citizens in a single patriotic outburst have expressed desires to join the army and take …

Head of General Staff of Turkey to resign

A new head of the General Staff of Turkey will be appointed in August. It is associated with the retirement of the current head of the General Staff, Necdet Ozel. 63-year-old Land Forces Commander, General Hulusi Akar, may be appointed …