George Soros

George Soros promises ’strong support’ to Armenia

George Soros, the billionaire and key distributor of American influence in the world, called in Twitter to increase the US support for Armenia . “The strong support of civil society in Armenia is vital for the democratic present …

"Entire generation poisoned by Soros"

Open Society Foundations, or Soros Foundation, is known throughout the world as previously anti-Soviet and now anti-Russian institute, which tries to undermine Russian statehood and weaken Moscow's ties with the post-Soviet …

Soros slanders Russia's strategic ally

The independent policy pursued by Baku often entails attacks on Azerbaijan by the Western politicians, human rights activists and the media.  Usually this happens on the eve of some major events, for example, the First European …

George Soros: Donald Trump is 'would-be dictator'

Donald Trump is a “would-be dictator” who is “going to fail”, the billionaire investor George Soros has told the Davos world economic forum. On the eve of Trump’s inauguration as president, …

Media: Soros warns of EU disintegration

Billionaire investor George Soros has warned that Britain's vote to leave the European Union makes the disintegration of the bloc "practically irreversible", BBC reports. …

Soros: EU is collapsing, Russia is reviving

The US billionaire George Soros admitted he is losing hope for his plans. The businessman said that he sees Russia emerging as a global power as the European Union collapses, in much the same way as the EU flourished when the Soviet Union started to fall apart. At the same time, Soros said he felt "more than ever" that the EU's destiny hinged on Ukraine's future. European countries have lost billions of dollars due to the cessation of trade with Russia after the introduction of sanctions, which, apparently, will be extended at the request of Washington, the investor expects. If this is the future that awaits the EU, the British have even more reasons to vote for secession from the Union on June 23, the billionaire noted.