Georgian Dream

Georgian Dream makes unusual offer to opposition

The ruling Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia party has made a new offer to the opposition at the today’s meeting, saying that they are ready for 100 spots in parliament to be elected via the proportional electoral system and the remaining …

Ivanishvili calls on Georgian citizens to unite

Billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili addressed the participants of the mass rally in support of the ruling Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia party and stated that the country should not only return to Europe, but also play a prominent place in the …

Georgian Dream supporters block center of Tbilisi

In the center of Tbilisi, supporters of the ruling Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia party  hold a mass rally entitled "Georgia's Way to Europe." The event is dedicated to the fact that six months ago the country headed the …

Aleksandre Erkvania leaves Georgian Dream party

MP of the ruling Georgian Dream party Aleksandre Erkvania has announced he is leaving the ruling party. He said that neither the head of ruling party Bidzina Ivanishvili, not the team had consulted with him before …

Lithuanian opposition criticizes Georgian dream

Today, Lithuanian opposition from the Union of the Fatherland - Christian Democrats party criticized the Georgian Dream’s actions against opposition activists protesting in Tbilisi, accusing it of Vilnius’s problems with European …

Five injured at Georgian Dream officeclash

The clash at the central office of the ruling Georgian Dream party in Tbilisi left five people with minor injuries. The clash took place late yesterday between demonstrators protesting the rejection of the GD-proposed election bill …