Georgian police

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Saakashvili's people try to start revolution in Georgia

Demonstrations in Tbilisi have turned into an open confrontation between protesters and Georgian riot police, as a result of which dozens of people were hospitalized. Several thousand demonstrators, together with opposition …

Cow thief caught in Marneuli

The law enforcement officers solved the case of cows abduction in Marneuli region (Kvemo Kartli region), the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia reports. A 28-year-old man was detained on suspicion of stealing animals from pasture …

Two bank robbers detained in Tbilisi

Georgia's Ministry of Internal Affairs has detained two individuals, both with previous crime records, for burglary, illegal purchase, possession and the use of firearms, illegal deprivation of liberty and attacking policemen during an …

 Man wanted in UK arrested in Georgia

A fugitive who was convicted of killing a woman in a speedboat crash on the Thames has been arrested in Georgia. Jack Shepherd, 31, was sentenced in his absence to a six-year jail term for the manslaughter by gross negligence of …

Two detained in Tbilisi gas explosion case

Two employees of the KazTransGas company have been detained for negligence and their responsibility for the gas blast in Tbilisi, which killed four people and left eight others injured, the Georgian Interior Ministry said. According to …

Georgia mourns Tbilisi gas explosion victims

Georgia holds a nation-wide day of mourning after the gas explosion in a residential building last night in Tbilisi’s Didi Digomi district. Flags on all government buildings across Georgia and diplomatic missions abroad are flying at half …

Policemen fight in Vani restaurant

Three officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia started a fight in one of the restaurants in the city of Vani (Imereti region), the media report. At the moment, the powers of all parties to the conflict are suspended. The …

Georgian police detains actor for attacking doctor

Georgian police has detained an actor who attacked a doctor at the hospital, InterPressNews reported. At this time, the detainee is being treated at the hospital under the protection of police. According to the Ministry of …

Half a kilogram of heroin seized in Georgia

Georgia's Ministry of Internal Affairs has seized half a kilogram of heroin after the detention of one individual in the Kvemo Kartli region. The 30 years old man was detained in a taxi, reported. The crime …