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Nord Stream 2 is again at the centre of political games

The prospects for the imminent completion of Russia's Nord Stream 2 energy project continue to haunt politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. And although the tone of rhetoric against Russia has noticeably decreased in Washington, the Americans are actively using the topic of the gas pipeline in their political games

Merkel: EU must seek 'direct contact' with Putin

The European Union should seek direct talks with President Vladimir Putin even as it stands together against "provocations" from Russia, said Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday. "In my opinion, we as the …

Blinken and Maas discuss Nord Stream 2

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday described the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as a Russian geopolitical project that undermines the security of Ukraine, adding the United States wants to ensure Russia does not use energy as a …

Putin and Merkel discuss European security

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday informed German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the key results of his meeting with U.S. leader Joe Biden, the Kremlin reported following a phone call between Putin and Merkel initiated by the German …

Biden to hold talks with Merkel on July 15

Outgoing German chancellor Angela Merkel is set to travel to Washington for talks with U.S. president Joe Biden on COVID, climate change and bilateral ties. The White House announced Friday that US President Joe Biden will …