Could international experience be applicable in Nagorno Karabakh?

The recent military flair up of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was ended on the 10th November by a Russian-brokered ceasefire agreement after 44 days. The most important question in the years to come appears to be: Quo vadis, Nagorno-Karabakh? Azer Babayev* explores the role the international community can play in ensuring the current fragile peace lasts

'My childhood stood frozen in Kalbajar after occupation'

A young Azerbaijani man recounted how he was eight years old when he was forced to leave Azerbaijan's Kalbajar region and didn't have a proper childhood since Armenian forces occupied the lands nearly three decades ago. "My childhood stood frozen there," Bazirgan Verdiyev told as he prepared to go back home, Anadolu Agency writes in the article 'My childhood stood frozen in Kalbajar after occupation'. Verdiyev, 36, who is currently doing his doctorate studies in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul, said his childhood passed with the "bitter experience" of being an internally displaced person