Igor Sechin

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Brent rises above $51

According to the information of the today's trading, the prices for August futures of Brent crude oil broke the threshold of $51 per barrel and reached $ 51.07 on the ICE Exchange in London.  The head of Russia's top …

 Sechin: Rosneft copes with market volatility

Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin told Russian President Vladimir Putin about the company's response to market volatility at a meeting. "Indeed, during the crisis associated with the fall in hydrocarbon …

Putin: privatization should be as transparent as possible

"The implementation of state property privatization should be economically justified and appropriate. It is necessary to take into account the market situation and market trends... There should be no sale of shares for a pittance and for knock-down prices. …

Will Russian oil replace Saudi?

As the result of 2015 Russia was the second country is respect of exportation of oil to China – 42.43 million tons of oil (the annual increase was 28%). The leading positions belonged to Saudi Arabia the last year, which  supplied …

Rosneft ready to invest in Iran’s oil projects

Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin is on a working visit to Iran, the press service of the oil company said. "We can confirm that Igor Sechin is on a working visit to Iran," TASS cited the press service as saying. …

Sechin: Oil prices will start to increase in 2017

President of 'Rosneft' Igor Sechin stated that oil prices will begin to increase in the second half of 2017. Earlier, Russia's Finance Ministry reported that they consider a decline in world oil prices to 30 …

Sechin promises to be smart and flexible

The company ‘Rosneft’ will act with flexibility and use ingenuity in order not to lose its position in foreign markets and implement new ways of marketing. This statement was made by the head of …

Sechin: US gains OPEC's role in oil market

The OPEC passed the regulation of the world oil market to the United States, Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin said at the Russia Calling Investment forum.  Sechin highlighted that Saudi Arabia has entered the Polish market …

Peskov: Russia has no plans to join OPEC

At the moment, Russia’s accession to OPEC is not on the agenda, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. "As far as we know, let's say, the Russian Federation has contacts with OPEC representatives at the …