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Russia prepares to 'untie' dollar from oil

Russia has began negotiations to launch futures for the Urals oil. The Saint Petersburg International Commodity Exchange (SPIMEX) is preparing to launch a futures contract on the Russian export blend Urals and it invites international trading …

Has Iran started a gas expansion in Europe?

According to mass media, two Iranian companies have signed an agreement on the construction of a gas pipeline to transport natural gas from the South Pars field through Iraq and Turkey to Europe. "Two Iranian companies have signed …

Southern Gas Corridor not competitor for Gazprom in Europe

The Azerbaijani gas transport project Southern Gas Corridor is not a competitor to the Russian gas suppliers to Europe, energy experts said today in an interview with correspondents of Vestnik Kavkaza, commenting on recent insinuations in the mass ...

Will Iran prevent rescue of oil market?

Tehran's representative to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Mehdi Asali, said that he considers "illogical" the proposal to freeze Iran's oil production now, Reuters reports. …

 Russia still interested in Turkish Stream and Akkuyu

Russia continues to show interest in the Turkish Stream pipeline project and the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, but in the light of difficulties in relations between Moscow and Ankara, their future is under question, the Russian ambassador to …

Oil markets experience record boost

The world oil markets have experienced an unprecedented boom. According to Bloomberg, as of February 2nd the number of long and short positions opened by traders reached a record level since 2006 when such statistics in general began to ...

Ankara still interested in Turkish Stream

Ankara continues to consider the Turkish Stream project as a commercial deal and is ready to hold Russian-Turkish negotiations on its implementation, Turkish Deputy Chief of Mission in Washington, Tugay Tuncer, told …

Will Russian oil replace Saudi?

As the result of 2015 Russia was the second country is respect of exportation of oil to China – 42.43 million tons of oil (the annual increase was 28%). The leading positions belonged to Saudi Arabia the last year, which  supplied …