At least 34 killed as quake rocks Indonesia

A powerful earthquake rocked Indonesia's Sulawesi island early Friday, killing at least 34 people, levelling a hospital and severely damaging other buildings, authorities said. Hundreds more were injured when the 6.2-magnitude quake …

Russia looks to double coal exports to China

Russia has been historically associated with oil and gas exports, yet the news somewhat underreports its coal market presence. Although neither the world’s largest coal producer nor exporter, Russia seems to continue with its strategic …

'World's largest' flower spotted in Indonesia

Indonesian conservationists say they've spotted the biggest specimen ever of what's already been billed as one of the world's largest flowers, reports. The giant Rafflesia tuan-mudae—a fleshy red flower with …

ASEAN’s priority: China

This is realpolitik ASEAN has to face. Chinese Premier Li Leqiang’s presence at the summits of ASEAN leaders and their meetings with their trading partners in Singapore this week will have a decisive and direct impact on the outcomes of …

Indonesia's Lion Air flight crashes into the sea

An Indonesian aircraft with 189 people on board crashed into the sea today as it tried to circle back to the capital, Jakarta, from where it had taken off minutes earlier, and there were likely no survivors, officials said. Lion Air …

Indonesia tsunami death toll reaches 832

Rescuers in Indonesia were scrambling Sunday to reach trapped victims screaming for help from collapsed buildings, while looters risked entering an unstable shopping mall to grab whatever they could find after a massive earthquake spawned a …