Iran and Israel

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Netanyahu blames Iran for Gulf of Oman aggression

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the international community should support the US in efforts to halt Iranian aggression in international waterways. "All peace seeking nations need …

Will Iran and Israel unleash war over oil?

Iran’s defense minister Amir Hatami said Tehran will respond firmly to any Israeli naval action against its oil shipments. The minister said such confrontation would be considered as “piracy” and …

Netanyahu urges to act against Iranian oil smuggling

Israel’s navy could take action against Iranian oil smuggling, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, urging world powers to foil any effort by Iran to evade U.S. sanctions. He said naval officers that …

Israel to continue confronting Iran in Syria - source

Israel will continue to operate in Syria against the 'Iranian aggression', while avoiding further conflicts with Russia, a high-ranking source in the Israeli government said following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin …

Israel and Iran on brink of war?

The risk of a war with Israel is very high, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said at the Munich Security Conference. "Certainly, some people are looking for war …as Israel," the head of the Iranian foreign …

Netanyahu and Pompeo to discuss Middle East

Israel'sPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Brussels later on Monday, the Israeli prime minister’s office said in a statement. According to the …