Iran and Israel

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Netanyahu: Iran is greatest threat to world

Israel will continue to prevent Iran from establishing permanent military presence in Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his speech at 2018 Munich Security Conference, Sputnik …

Iran mocks Israel claims of downing drone

Separately, a Revolutionary Guards' official on Saturday said he could not confirm the report because Israelis were "liars", Ninenews reports. Israel said it launched air strikes against air defences and Iranian …

Only Trump and Netanyahu support Iran protests: Turkey

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has singled out United States President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the only leaders expressing support to the Iranian protesters, while rejecting any …

Netanyahu: Iran will gain no regional foothold

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday again vowed that Israel would not accept the permanent stationing of Iranian forces in Syria or anywhere else close to Israel, The Times of Israel reported. …

Israel says Iran missile test a 'provocation'

Israel's Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Saturday denounced Iran's testing of a medium-range missile as a "provocation" and said it was proof of Tehran's ambition to become a world power, Daily Mail reports. …

Israel opposes Iran's presence in Syria

Iran should withdraw from Syria, Israeli government member Yoav Galant said. Galant said they believe that Iran must retreat towards the Tigris River, which is far from Syria, and return to its natural …

Netanyahu to focus on Iran in talks with Putin

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held consultations with his top security officials on Tuesday, a day before he travels to Sochi for meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss Iran. …