Iran and Saudi Arabia

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Iran strongly rejects Yemen arming allegations

Yesterday, Saudi Arabia accused Iran of supplying weapons to Shiite rebels in Yemen and urged the U.N.Security Council to impose sanctions on Tehran for violating an arms embargo. In a statement released in response to …

Saudi Arabia supports terrorism, Iran reports

The Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which it accuses Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorism. Thus, the Iranian Foreign Ministry responded to the statements of the Saudi prince to overthrow the Iranian government. …

Iranian pilgrims won't attend Hajj this year

This year, Iranian pilgrims won't be able to attend Hajj in Mecca,  Press TV channel wrote on its Twitter page. "Iran says it will not take part in this year's Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca because of …

Iran stops Hajj due to Saudi 'sabotage'

Iran says it will not send pilgrims to Hajj this year because Saudi Arabia is refusing to cooperate on arrangements for Iranians to join the annual rituals in September, Press TV reports. “Conditions are not prepared for …

Saudi Arabia ready to freeze oil output without Iran

Saudi Arabia is ready to freeze the oil output even without Iran's participation, the Financial Times reports with reference to a representative of an OPEC country. "There is an agreement from many countries. Why make it contingent on …