Iranian nuclear program

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Britain wants to maintain Iran nuclear deal

British foreign minister Boris Johnson said that the Iran nuclear accord that US President-elect Donald Trump has threatened to tear up must be maintained. As he went into an EU foreign ministers …

EU to stand by Iran nuclear deal

EU foreign affairs head Federica Mogherini insisted the bloc will stand by the Iran nuclear accord, because it serves Europe's security needs. "The European Union will continue to work for the respect and …

Araghchi: Nuclear deal will not be renegotiated

Iran's deputy foreign minister says the nuclear deal between the Islamic Republic and world powers "will not be renegotiated" ahead of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump taking office this week, Daily Mail …

Why Iran's Rial Hit an All-Time-Low Against the US Dollar

Today $1 costs 100 thousand Iranian rials, that is an all-time-low rate against dollar. Although several reasons for the slide have been put forward by economists – amongst them the strength of the dollar against other currencies in the …