U.S. military plane crashes into Iraqi base

A U.S. military plane crashed into an Iraqi military base north of the capital on Monday without causing fatalities, the U.S.-led coalition said. Separately, a rocket landed on the periphery of Baghdad airport, the Iraqi military …

Iraq says fully committed to the OPEC+ cut deal

Iraq’s new oil minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar affirmed in a phone call with Saudi energy minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Iraq’s full commitment to the OPEC+ production cut deal, the oil ministry said in a statement. …

New ISIS chief' captured in Iraq - media

The new ISIS leader has been arrested by Iraqi intelligence officers, according to local reports. Abdul Nasser Qirdash, 'the candidate to succeed the terrorist Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi' was captured, according to the National …

US-led coalition leaves al Taqaddum air base in Iraq

The international coalition forces, tasked with fighting the Islamic State (banned in Russia) militant group, on Saturday handed over their position in al-Habbaniyah air base in the western province of Anbar to the Iraqi security forces, Xinhua …

U.S. troops withdrawing from Iraq

The United States has started withdrawal of its troops from Iraq, Al Arabiya TV reported citing Iraqi parliament member Ali al-Ghanimi. He said that U.S. troops are beginning to leave 15 military bases in Iraq. In …

U.S. embassy in Iraq hit by rocket attack

At least three people have been injured in a missile attack on the U.S. embassy located in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on January 26, Iraq’s Alsumaria TV reported citing sources in Iraqi security services.  It is not yet …