Irina Volk

Russian police thwart drug supply route in Far East

Russian police officers have discovered a large drug supply route from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the Russian Far East. Drug traffickers used to hide prohibited substances in household appliances heading to the region by trains. Criminal …

Police rescue chained bear cub in Russia's Rostov

Police officers have rescued a bear cub that was chained without food in a private house in the Rostov region, Russian Interior Ministry spokesperson Irina Volk said. "It was reported to the Azovsky Department …

Daesh recruiters detained in Russia

A group of Daesh recruits has been detained in Tver and Ingushetia, the official representative of the Ministry of Interior of Russia, Irina Volk, said. The detained persons were carrying out their recruitment …

Terrorist attack carried out in village of Novoselitskoe

This morning three men armed with grenades attacked the building of a local police station in the village of Novoselitskoe in Russia's Stavropol Territory. Law enforcement officers opened fire on them. As a result, two attackers were ...