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2000 militants attacks Kurdish militia in northern Aleppo

Nusra Front militants attacked the positions of the Kurdish militia in the Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood of the Syrian Aleppo city on Saturday, a spokesman for the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation at the Hmeimim airbase said. …

Syrian troops got close to "heart" of Daesh

Syrian Arab Army entered the province of Raqqa, which is considered to be the main stronghold of the Daesh terrorist group, which is banned in Russia. As the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, located in London, reported, the …

Russia halts strikes in Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry will hold off on carrying out airstrikes against extremist positions in Syria until they have managed to force out the Nusra Front jihadists there, the Russian Defense Ministry’s official spokesman, Igor …

Putin and Obama discuss a number of international issues

Today, a telephone conversation between the Russian and the US Presidents, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, was held. During it, the sides discussed topical issues of bilateral and international agenda, including the Middle Eastern settlement. In …

 Fate of Aleppo being decided in Syria

Russia and Syria are preparing a joint military operation to liberate Aleppo. "We, together with our Russian partners, are preparing for an operation to liberate Aleppo and to block all illegal armed groups which have not joined or …

Dmitry Sablin: "Syria will continue to exist as a state"

A member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Dmitry Sablin, said that thanks to the current ceasefire regime in Syria, life in the country began to improve, and also stressed that there are no reasons to think that …

Ceasefire in Syria is fragile

No one was going to be engaged in such large-scale work in order to give the parties a two-week respite, the Russian Foreign Ministry says

Truce begins in Syria

Today at midnight Damascus time (01:00 MSK) a truce between government forces and armed opposition formations came into force in Syria. An hour before that, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution in support of the cessation of hostilities …