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Tokyo sets new, all-time daily high for COVID-19 cases

Authorities in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, where the 2020 Summer Olympics are taking place, confirmed 2,848 coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, which is a new daily high, according to statistics published on Tuesday. The previous …

 Japanese Teenager wins skateboarding gold at just 13

At the age of just 13, Japan's Momiji Nishiya made history on Monday by winning the first-ever Olympic gold medal in women's street skateboarding at the Games in Tokyo. Nishiya topped a youthful podium with Rayssa Leal of …

Russian PM arrives on Iturup island

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin arrived on the island of Iturup, which is one of the South Kuril Islands claimed by Japan, Kyodo news reported on 26 July.  Mishustin noted he has recently discussed …

Chinese weightlifter wins gold after epic one-legged lift

Chinese weightlifter Li Fabin broke two Olympic records on Sunday, and he did so with a bit of flair. On his opening clean and jerk lift of 166 kilograms (approximately 366 pounds), Li momentarily stood on just one leg. After extending …

Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony gets underway

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics began in a nearly empty stadium after a year-long pandemic postponement and a build-up marred by scandal and controversy.  The opening ceremony was scheduled to begin Friday at 8 …

Two more Olympic athletes test positive for COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic continues to dog the Tokyo Olympics with only a day to go before the opening ceremony. Two more athletes have tested positive for the virus in the Olympic village, according to Reuters citing the …

First Tokyo Olympics competitions begin in Japan

After being postponed one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo finally began - two days ahead of its opening ceremony on Friday.  On Wednesday, the first pitch was thrown in a softball game …