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Tourists from Abkhazia to resort in Elbrus

The 7th Russian-Abkhazian Forum finished in Kabardino-Balkaria (KBR). During the forum, the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic, Murat Shogentsukov, invited tourists from Abkhazia to rest at the resorts of Elbrus and …

Dentist arrested for supplying prisoner with drugs

A dentist who arrived to a colony for providing services to one of the convicts tried to hand drugs over to him, the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for Kabardino-Balkaria reported. According to the message …

Kabardino-Balkaria to become center of railway tourism

Kabardino-Balkaria can become a center of railway tourism in the North Caucasus: the transport and tourism industries are developing railway tourist routes. "The State Committee for Transport and the Ministry of Culture of the …

Alpinist from Nalchik conquers Manaslu

A member of the Public Chamber of Kabardino-Balkaria,  famous alpinist from Nalchik, Karina Mezova, along with the expedition of the 7 Vershina club climbed the  mountain Manaslu (8156 m) in the Himalayas, where she installed the flag …

Two policemen receive Order of Courage in Kabardino-Balkaria

Minister of Internal Affairs of Kabardino-Balkaria (KBR) Igor Romashkin decorated the widows of employees of traffic police, who died a year ago while on duty in Prokhladnensky region of the republic, with the Orders of Courage, the press service …

Missing huntsmen found in Chegem district

Two missing huntsmen were found in Kabardino-Balkaria. A relevant message was posted on the website of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region. The search and rescue work carried out in the Chegem district was completed at …