Kazakh Energy Ministry

Kazakhstan to increase oil output under OPEC+ deal

Kazakhstan will increase oil production under the OPEC+ agreement, the quota for the republic in August will amount to 1.491 mln bpd, press service of the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan said following the results of the ministerial meeting of …

Kazakhstan to start export of high-octane gasoline

Kazakhstan plans to begin exporting high-octane gasoline in the second half of June 2019, Kazakh Minister of Energy Kanat Bozumbayev told a government meeting today. According to the minister, 21.7 million tonnes of oil …

Nuclear power plant might appear in Almaty region

The Kazakh authorities decided that the nuclear power plant might be built in Ulken village, Almaty region, Kazakh Energy Minister Magzum Mirzagaliyev said during the Senate meeting. According to him, there is no …

 Kazakhstan to stop buying oil in 2019

After the modernization of three Kazakh refineries the refining volume in Kazakhstan will increase to 17.5 million tons by 2019, the country will be fully provided with its own oil products, the Kazakh Energy Minister Kanat …

Kashagan oil field operating normally

Work to bring onstream the giant Kashagan oil field in Kazakhstan is going normally and some crude has already been processed and put in storage, Kazakh Energy Minister Kanat Bozumbayev said. Four wells were …