Kelbajar region

Azerbaijan's efforts to overcome hostility are not welcomed in Armenia yet

After The Second Karabakh War ended Armenia and Azerbaijan can hope for unblocking of all transport and economic communications routes, Dr. Esmira Jafarova, a Board Member of the Center of Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center), Baku, Azerbaijan, writes in the article Building Peace And Stability In South Caucasus Should Be A Two-Way Street – OpEd for Eurasiareview

Mercenaries helped Armenia in First Karabakh war (VIDEO)

During the First Karabakh War, the Armenian occupants actively used mercenaries and thus managed to seize Azerbaijan’s lands and expel civilians living there - old people, women and children. A video of the interrogation of one of these …

How much money and time it will take for Azerbaijan to rebuild liberated territories

Companies from those states who demonstrated an anti-Azerbaijani position in the Second Karabakh War would not be welcome in the reconstruction of the liberated territories, Vasif Huseynov, a senior adviser at the Center of Analysis of International Relations of Azerbaijan, writes in the article Azerbaijan to re-build the liberated Karabakh for EurActiv

'My childhood stood frozen in Kalbajar after occupation'

A young Azerbaijani man recounted how he was eight years old when he was forced to leave Azerbaijan's Kalbajar region and didn't have a proper childhood since Armenian forces occupied the lands nearly three decades ago. "My childhood stood frozen there," Bazirgan Verdiyev told as he prepared to go back home, Anadolu Agency writes in the article 'My childhood stood frozen in Kalbajar after occupation'. Verdiyev, 36, who is currently doing his doctorate studies in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul, said his childhood passed with the "bitter experience" of being an internally displaced person

Kalbajar region of Azerbaijan de-occupied (VIDEO)

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported that units of the Azerbaijan Army entered the Kalbajar region at midnight on November 25. "According to the trilateral Statement signed by the Presidents of the Republic of Azerbaijan, …

Armenians vandalism in Kalbajar District of Azerbaijan shocks the world

Armenians settled illegally in the Azerbaijani district of Kalbajar resorted to cultural and environmental vandalism before leaving the area that will be returned to Azerbaijan. In video footage that went viral on media and social media accounts, Armenians are seen burning houses and nearby forests in Kalbajar, located northwest of Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh region