Kim Kardashian

What is the hot topic among Armenian political elite?

Artificial filling the news space with information not related to the pressing problems of society is a favorite technique of Armenian political activists. For two years now, it is generally accepted in Armenia that a "velvet …

Kim Kardashian returns to New York after robbery

Kim Kardashian reunited with her husband Kanye West in New York. The rapper picked up Kardashian at Teterboro Airport. They headed back to their apartment downtown in a 15-car motorcade. Kim's mother Kris …

Kim Kardashian robbed of millions in Paris

Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint at a discreet luxury residence in Paris by at least two men dressed as police officers. A police spokesman said the haul from the robbery, mostly jewellery, was worth several …

Iran accuses Kim Kardashian of being secret agent

Iran is accusing Kim Kardashian West of being a secret agent because of her provocative Instagram photos. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp has claimed that Kardashian is working with Instagram's CEO to …