Bus with children crashes in Turkey

Two people were killed and 17 injured as a result of a road accident involving a school bus that occurred on Saturday in Kocaeli province, in the north-west of Turkey, the local media report. It is reported that the bus transported …

Fire breaks out at factory warehouse in Turkey's Kocaeli

A huge fire broke out at the warehouse of a packaging factory and spread to other buildings nearby in Turkey's Kocaeli province. The fire reportedly broke out at around 6:15 a.m. local time at the warehouse of a factory and quickly …

ISIS provocation prevented in Turkey

Turkish police detained six suspected ISIS militants for planning to attack a three-week-old protest march led by the head of the main opposition party, Kayseri Governor Suleyman Kamci said. "Following a nice …

Turkey continues detaining Gulen followers

26 supporters of Fethullah Gulen have been detained as a result of a special operation conducted by the police in Bartin, Istanbul, Bursa, Kocaeli, Ankara and Karabuk. 13 of them were later arrested, 1news.az …

Unknown man takes hostages in Turkish bank

An unknown man has taken hostages at one of the banks in the Turkish province of Kocaeli. The identity of the criminal hasn't been discovered yet. It is known that there are about 10 hostages in …