Konstantin Korischenko

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Russia's first Islamic banking center opened in Kazan

Russia's first center of partnership (Islamic) banking was opened today in Kazan. It will operate in full compliance with the principles of partnership funding, which are widely used in many countries of Southeast Asia and the Middle …

New Year's ruble: expectations and forecasts

The Russian national currency is meeting 2016 in the worse state of health than in this year [the dollar is worth 73 rubles and the euro is worth 80 rubles, and exactly one year ago, the ruble was about 56 rubles per dollar and 69 rubles per …

Has Ukraine doomed itself to default?

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the government has imposed moratorium on payment of the debt to Russia, the deadline of which will expire on 20 December. "Due to the fact that Russia has …

Dollar – 70 rubles, Euro – 80 rubles

The ruble exchange rate is continuing its fall. As of 10:05 on the Moscow stock exchange dollar went up by 1.47 rubles, and now stands at 70.58 rubles. The euro reached a level of 80.80 rubles, adding 2.16 rubles since the …