Ksenia Yudaeva

Central Bank: Russian economy close to balance

According to Russia’s central bank, the situation in the Russian economy is close to balanced, First Deputy Governor Ksenia Yudaeva said. "The situation in the Russian economy is close to balanced and there …

Central Bank promises Russians easy long money

Inflation dynamics enables the Russian Central Bank to cut further its key rate, the regulator’s First Deputy Chief Ksenia Yudaeva said. "Obviously, the current inflation dynamics allows a reduction," …

Russia's inflation outlook may be revised

Russia’s Central Bank plans to revise inflation outlook for 2018 in early June, the bank's First Deputy Chairperson Kseniya Yudaeva said. She noted that Russia's inflation has stabilized at the level …

8th Gaidar Forum

Several days ago RANEPA hosted the 8th Gaidar Forum, a unique platform for socio-economic discussions of experts and representatives of the Russian government. This year's forum brought together an unprecedented number of both foreign …

 Yudayeva: Central Bank avoids interference in rate fixing

The Central Bank of Russia does not consider it necessary to intervene in the rate fixing of the ruble against the backdrop of the process of crude oil price volatility, believing that this will only increase the risks, the First Deputy Chairwoman …